Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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After a long time period I hope to blog again. Since last time, it’s a was a hell of a time even couldn’t see the blog spot. Internet surfing was also limited. Now the time has passed. Got a new job, as a lecturer in an institute near to Colombo. As my wish, I have enough freedom to do any stuff about myself. As a result of that I think to look around the some serious blogging.
Time to time, same as revolution of my carrier I have updated my knowledge on the technology also. It’s a must to mention about my laptop. Even though I mention it is as laptop, exactly isn’t. It’s a new sleek Netbook, handy, portable, awesome boy :D.

eeepc 1005HA Asus
  • Intel Atom 1.66GHz processor
  • 10.5hrs battery (Highly recommended – Generally it lasts long as 9.5Hrs)
  • 160GB hard
  • 10.1” Screen
  • 1.3M camera
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n
Even though the processor shown as little bit lacking, I’m working some kickass weighted softwares on it (Visual studio 2010, Netbeans 6.8). The reason about the mentioning about the processor is, when I rate my machine in the windows 7, it gives out the processor rating value as 2.3 (Goddamn MS :D ). And also this netbook is great for entertainment. Things like watching movies, music … because it is portable and has a 16:9 ratio on the screen.
The other important thing is the operating system. To gain maximum performance, lots of open source Projects has developed OSs for the netbooks. Those are UNR (Ubuntu netbook remix), Crunch bang and so on. I have experience with both of those OSs and actually they are greatly in love with this netbook.
I think you got an idea about this eeepc 1005HA Asus and hope to write an article on Eee + UNR in near future. See you soon


Dasun said...
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Dasun said...

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ඒක නෙමේ මචෝ, ඔය ලැප්ටොප් එකනම් සිරා බඩුවක්. මමත් පොඩ්ඩක් ඕක ගැන දන්නව. ගින්ද‍ර අයිටම් එක. එල එල.මගෙන් සුභ පැතුම් ඔබට , සිරා අයිටම් එකක් හොයා ගත්තට.