Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Salute To Sri Lankan Heros

Troops of Army entered LTTE bastion at Ponneryn last week(Nov 15) scoring the greatest feat against terrorist in their courageous march along the northwestern coast of the Island. So admire them, it has been named as a "RANAWIRU WEEK" to honor the brave soldiers who liberated POONERYN ( Hence A32 road --the road for PEACE).

Show your love towards our Mother Lanka !
Keep the "National flag" on your computer wallpaper

Here is the link for the PICTURE of the NATIONAL FLAG.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Sinhala Writer

The Sinhala Writer is a software solution that can create Sinhala text in a simple friendly manner by using the normal English keyboard.

If you type the sound of your Sinhala word in English letters as described in the Sinhala Writer manual, the Sinhala Writer simply outputs you the text in actual Sinhala letters.

And it also give some additional functions to edit your Sinhala text such as changing text color, size, style among its selection. This software totally develop by Java. So when you install this application need to install Java runtime environment before you install the application.

For more information
Visit the home site: http://sinhalawriter.orgfree.com/

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 Released

Hay my dear friends UBUNTU 8.10 is released .Compared with the beta release, which brought Firefox 3.0.3, PAM authentication framework and a BBC plugin for Totem, this version comes with two brand new and useful tools: a System Cleaner and a USB Startup Disk Creator.
let's take a quick look at the included applications:
·Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3
· OpenOffice.org 2.4.1
· Pidgin 2.5.1
Get the maximum benefit with installing it.
Recommended Link

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Adding the Ubuntu-8.10 countdown timer to your website is easy!

Adding the Ubuntu countdown timer to your website is easy! Just copy and paste the following lines into your webpage and each day the image will update showing the days remaining before the release.

Option 1 - dark banner

Option 2 - light banner

Official website

UBUNTU 8.10 starts to Countdown - The Intrepid Ibex!

The Ubuntu developers are moving quickly to bring you the latest and greatest software the open source community has to offer. That is the Ubuntu 8.10 beta release, which brings a host of excellent new features. The release which is planned for 30th October 2008.

With the release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron now behind us, most eyes are turned to October when Intrepid Ibex, or Ubuntu Linux 8.10, will make its debut. While Hardy Heron was designed to be stable enough to be a long-term support release, Intrepid Ibex promises to be packed with more exciting features, something that Ubuntu fans always enjoy.


The official web site

Friday, September 19, 2008

Drop it in to 'DropBox'

This is a magical thing who are mostly involve in the data transfers. Because it's really good opportunity to personal file storage, sharing and syncing which no one ever seems. It makes online storage and sharing of files dead simple as simple as dragging files into specially local folders.

After downloaded this software,it is simple to install (it works on both Windows and Mac) and integrates with the file browser. It runs quietly in the background. You create folders inside the DropBox folder and then just drag and drop them. And the files are constantly synced with your online storage locker any time a file is changed, the changes are sent to the online folders, which can be accessed via a web browser even if your home machine is shut off.

What’s really cool is that the system keeps revised versions of the files as backup, just in case you accidentally erase or damage the “live” version of a document. You can click and share the “URLs” of every file with anyone by simply sending them an email.

At the very least, you can use Dropbox to automatically backup a subset of your files, and to access them when traveling. And also you can use the service to easily share files with friends. Just right click on a folder and select “Share”. You’ll be taken to a webpage where you can enter the email addresses of who you want to share the folder with. When your friends add files to that shared folder, they will automatically get downloaded to your machine in addition to getting backed up online. If you have Growl installed on the Mac, it’s quite impressive to see your friends’ files magically show up.

Recomended Link http://www.getdropbox.com/

Friday, April 25, 2008

UBUNTU 8.04 Released

After a countdown it's officially released latest stable version today. It's good news for every persons who addict to open source. Here are some new information about it.

Ubuntu is free to use, to download and distribute making it the widely used free Linux operating system. Ubuntu 8.04 offers a long term support giving free updates for 3 years, for the desktop version and for the server version the long term support is 5 years.

This version is designated "LTS," for "long-term support," which should make it attractive to business customers who prefer a longer upgrade cycle for their operating systems.

Though Ubuntu being a free operating system, it is advisable to have a broadband, or an always on internet connection, so as the updates can be automatically downloaded and installed. Moreover new version of Ubuntu is released every 6 months. The next version Ubuntu 8.10 codenamed Intrepid Ibex is set to release in October.

The new version has several enhancements included. Windows users can easily try and experience the new Hardy Heron, without causing problem to the default windows operating system thanks to Wubi a new feature that makes installation easier and hassle free.

Changes and Features in the 8.04 release include Tango Compliance, Brasero disk burner, PulseAudio (powerful sound server), Rt2×00 wireless drivers, Compiz usability improved and a host of New Gnome applications.

For more .... http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/804

Get it and have a feel what it gives.

Download or Request a free CD ... http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download

Thank you

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Patterns of world trade

In this time I'm decide to write totally away from my previous articles. As I'm being a management student, the things which I already feel and my experiences will include in near future. For my first step consider which is most importing part in industrial management, marketing.
As the first Management article name called "Patterns of world trade "

For easy to explain I mainly divided it in to two parts,
  1. Merchandise trade in area wise
  2. Merchandise trading product wise
Merchandise trade in area wise
First consider about trade in Asia (Japan, China and India). And also how they are emerging global economic players in Asia. Because they already have,
  • High economic growth rate
  • Rapidly rising share in world in world exports
  • Large inflows of foreign investment
  • Engines of demand growth in commodities
  • Positive demographics
American countries merchandise trade
Major imports trading partners are, Asia and Europe.Their main importing product categories such as, office equipments, telecom equipments, iron and steel, clothing, toys, sporting items and footwear etc.. and also exporting items, automobiles, aircrafts, chemicals, agricultural Products etc..

European countries
Major traders are, Germany, Norway, Sweden. Major exporting products such as, automobiles, chemicals etc.. and Importing products such as, spices, dyes, sugar, pearls, precious stones, woven materials etc..

African and Middle East Countries
Major traders are, South Africa, Morocco, Dubai. Exporting products such as, oil, clothing, fish etc.. Importing products such as, automobile, agricultural product and telecom equipment etc..

Food & Agricultural Sector
In general low cost producing countries are the market leaders in agriculture sector.They compete easily on the world market with countries with a high cost agricultural structure. Market leaders are benefit from specialization and comparative advantage to achieve more goods at lower resource cost. Competitiveness influence by many other factors in agricultural industry,
  • Input prices (Specially labor)
  • New technologies use to improve production efficiency
  • State policy towards international trade
Automotive Industry
The Automotive industry is the industry involved in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and sale of motor vehicle. In motor vehicle production at present the leading counties are Japan, USA, Germany. At the end of the 2007 Markets in USA, Western Europe and Japanese are standing while South America and Asia are growing.
At present Automotive industry moves to China and India. High end Automobile require lots of design, very tight engineering tolerance and often a grade deal of manual labor in finishing.
India and China gaining the competitive advantage in above factors as their improvements in technology and low labor cost. They have huge labor cost advantage and thy will retain important economies of scale in their domestic markets over other countries. So we can suggest that more and more of the world Automobile industry migrate to those two countries in next 25 years.

Textile & Clothing
Manufacturing of textile & Clothing moving to Asian Countries. most Asian countries seem to be on the winners' side. India has increased its share of textile and garment deliveries to the US and European. China is reinforcing its penetration of the major TC markets, with modern factories and cheap labor.

Electronics Products
Many of the world's major electronics companies are based in Japan. Japanese Firms have the ability to both design in grater functionality, and performance for any given size product or to reduce the size or cost of the product at any given level.

To explain the patterns of International trade is difficult, because by using one or two theories we cannot exactly explain the existing patterns. When time passed the strategies used by the companies and countries are changed.
As an example Some countries using Factor endowments to Expand their business in the world market and some countries trying to reached the world market by using the technology.
If we consider the world merchandise Exports of manufacturing goods are moving to Asian countries Gradually. In the future we assume that technology will not be a powerful factor in the merchandise trade to gain competitive advantage since the development of the telecommunication sector and the movement towards the global products. If they do not having the required technology or advanced Factor endowments such as skilled labor they invest in other countries where they can gain the competitive advantage. Global Products is another strategy that some companies are used as they lack in factor endowments.

Finally we can say that international Trade occurs because of
  • Relative price changes in factor endowments (Especially in Advance Factors)
  • Differences in the level of technology
  • Differences in the level of efficiency
  • Position in Basic factor endowments
We cannot exactly develop a Trade theory which we can explain the International trade completely.

All above informations are highly recommended me
. I hope that you have wide practical knowledge and bit of theoretical things about the world trade patterns and if you need more information about regrading this topic plz comment me.
(comment s really appreciate)
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Begging to Countdown

After few weeks I got a free time to write a new article. In pass time I'm ready for my year ended exam in the university. So that's why I couldn't submit a new message.

UBUNTU 8.04: coming Soon

The Ubuntu developers are moving very quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the open source community has to offer. This is the Ubuntu 8.04 beta release, which brings a host of excellent new features.

The final stable version will be released in April 2008.
(Note: This is still a beta release. Do not install it on production machines)
For more

I hope this message is important to all, whose interesting to open source.
Thank You

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Google Translator


As my first article I'll guide you about Google translator. In the day today activity and browsing web all you needs different languages. A big obstacle for that is the language barrier. Because of most of peoples have no idea about more than their mother language. Today, Google launched a new feature on Google Translate that takes a big step towards addressing this problem.And also it support bellow languages.
English, Japanese, Italian, French, Germen, Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian and Arabic etc...

So this Google translator is may very useful to your activities.

Basically Four option include in this site.
  • Text and Web

Under this you can translate any word to you wish language. IF you need to translate a word to the any other language, you can easily do it through the Google translator (Ex: Consider you need to English word 'Food' translate to French, its is automatically generate the translated word as 'Alimentation' ). And also there is a reverse policy. That mean if you got a word in unknown language, you can translate it to you wish language .

The other important thing is providing valid URL can translate whole web page to any language.

  • Translate Search

This option is slightly different from above option. when searching the web, you can use two language as my language and search page written in language. when searching word or sentence (something like that), it translate that word and search in the web. As the result shows in my language and also translated language.

  • Dictionary

This is work something like a common use Dictionary. But it has a several other features as Find words Translation and Related phrases.

  • Tools

Add the Translate gadget to your web page, and offer instant access to automatic translations of that page. Adding the gadget is quick and easy.
Just try and get a maximum benefit.

Address: http://translate.google.com/translate_s?hl=en

*Even though this version is the Beta Version, It's highly "not recomanded" considering the size and the Time taken to release.

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