Sunday, March 30, 2008

Google Translator


As my first article I'll guide you about Google translator. In the day today activity and browsing web all you needs different languages. A big obstacle for that is the language barrier. Because of most of peoples have no idea about more than their mother language. Today, Google launched a new feature on Google Translate that takes a big step towards addressing this problem.And also it support bellow languages.
English, Japanese, Italian, French, Germen, Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian and Arabic etc...

So this Google translator is may very useful to your activities.

Basically Four option include in this site.
  • Text and Web

Under this you can translate any word to you wish language. IF you need to translate a word to the any other language, you can easily do it through the Google translator (Ex: Consider you need to English word 'Food' translate to French, its is automatically generate the translated word as 'Alimentation' ). And also there is a reverse policy. That mean if you got a word in unknown language, you can translate it to you wish language .

The other important thing is providing valid URL can translate whole web page to any language.

  • Translate Search

This option is slightly different from above option. when searching the web, you can use two language as my language and search page written in language. when searching word or sentence (something like that), it translate that word and search in the web. As the result shows in my language and also translated language.

  • Dictionary

This is work something like a common use Dictionary. But it has a several other features as Find words Translation and Related phrases.

  • Tools

Add the Translate gadget to your web page, and offer instant access to automatic translations of that page. Adding the gadget is quick and easy.
Just try and get a maximum benefit.


*Even though this version is the Beta Version, It's highly "not recomanded" considering the size and the Time taken to release.

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